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The Salish Sea is an area in the Pacific Northwest that spans from the south end of Puget Sound, west to the Strait of Juan De Fuca, and north to Desolation Sound. This area is unique in the world due to the relative protection of the inland waters from the Pacific Ocean. Yachting here can be a year round activity with hundreds of miles of waterways to explore.

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The region encompassing these waterways is known variously as the Georgia-Puget or Puget-Georgia Basin, or in the singular as the Georgia Depression, the Georgia Basin or Puget Sound et al. The Canadian half of the region is regularly referred to as the Gulf of Georgia, a term which encompasses the Strait of Georgia and all other waters peripheral to it, as well as to the communities lining its shores or on its islands; like the term "Puget Sound," the terms "Georgia Strait" and "Gulf of Georgia" describe the general region as well as the body of water.

Cultural History
The Coast Salish are a grouping of indigenous peoples who live in Southwestern British Columbia, and northeastern Washington state. For most of their collective histories (which date back to 8,000 B.C.E.), there was no single term to describe these people who share a common linguistic and cultural origin. However, after anthropological contact with the Salish of the interior of Washington and Idaho, the rest of the tribes and nations were grouped together as part of the same linguistic grouping, and eventually the name "Salish" applied to coastal peoples as well for the first time. The term "Salish" is not from any of the native languages or cultures of the region, and refers to the Selisch people of Montana and Idaho, who were the first group encountered speaking what has become called after them the Salishan language family. "Salish" was later supplemented by the terms Coast Salish and Interior Salish, referring to two distinct linguistic groupings of the languages within them. The name Salish Sea was in fact unofficially coined only in the late 20th century. There is no overarching title for this area or even a commonly shared name for any of the waterbodies in any of the Coast Salish languages.

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